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A Message from the President




Thank you, to everyone who has helped the Grand Mesa Jeep Club out in any way this year.  And there are a lot of you.  We started with the Hammers Film at the Avolon Theater, in Downtown Grand Junction, and raised some money for Crawin to a Cure.   We went out on countless trips, and adventures. We put up post and cable, and removed old abandoned vehicles from trails.  We picked up garbage, and filled dumpsters with the litter of others.  We tried our hardest to impact the BLM’s Resource Management Plan, to help stop the closure of hundreds of miles of trails in our area.  We put our names on the map, getting stories in national publications about our club, and our people.  We invited a couple of hundred people to a cook out, that centered on the wheeling trips in all directions from Grand Junction. The Rock Junction event was a huge success!  We outdid ourselves at the Offroad Show this year, and got a happy surprise to see thousands of the people from our area attend the show.  The show will improve next year, because we will continue to recognize it was still not perfect… yet.  We wrote comments, and lots of them.  To the point the BLM asked us “how big is your club?”.    We understand the comment period, and we took advantage of the opportunity to let the BLM know we DO care about what goes on, and we don’t want to lose access.  Oh, but we are far from done.  Besides working with the BLM on new projects, and some old projects, we face another battle with the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area, (DENCA) Resource Management Plan, (RMP). After establishing a wilderness area, and closing down many existing routes for that, there is a plan to close down over 50% of the remaining routes to full size motor vehicles.  Look for more information soon on what you can do to voice your opinion of this plan.  

The Grand Mesa Jeep Club continues to grow, because we have fun, and we have grit.  Enough grit to fight to keep our existing routes open to the public.   The area where we shine however is the fun we like to have.  Sometimes for a good cause, and sometimes just because, you can find us at events, on trails, in competitions, and just hanging out.   We have just under a 100 families who are either members, sponsors, or interested in becoming part of our family.  The Club offers something for everyone, and a driving experience for every interest.  If you have questions, let us know.  “Like” us on Facebook to keep up with what is going on daily.   Thanks again to all of you!  We will see you on the trail. 

 Jeff Bates

The club started in the 60s with a bunch of guys who used to take their old flat fenders out and explore the mining roads that spider web the mesas, deserts and canyons of this area.  These days we face trail closures and land grabs by organizations with members who have never, and will never see the land they are trying to “protect” from explores like us.  We appreciate the great outdoors and love it with a passion.  Our goal is to protect the land and still see as much of it as we can.  Be it a challenging trail or a scenic trip, or a little of both, we are up for it.  We take care of the land, each other, and have a lot of fun doing it.  The club is made up of a diverse group of off-roaders in a diverse group of vehicles.  We have people who have been wheeling for over 40 years and people who have recently taken up the sport.  We have restored classic Jeeps and Toyotas, and, also, full blown custom built hardcore rock buggies.  The common thread is we love to wheel, don’t want to see trail closures, above all, we love to have fun.

There are three main reasons to be in a club like this one.

One:  The social aspect of being with people who like the same things you do, and a family friendly atmosphere.

Two:  Having people to go with.  It is always safer, and more fun, to have people with you in the back country.

Three:  To protect the continued use of the existing trails and roads which have been used to explore and gain access to the backcountry.

I hope to see you on the trail.

Jeff Bates

GMJC President 2011 

About the Grand Mesa Jeep Club

The Grand Mesa Jeep Club, incorporated in 1962, is the second oldest Jeep club in Colorado. Currently we have approximately 50 active members. It is an organization of four wheel drive vehicle owners who strive to promote the three “R’s” of four-wheeling:

  • Recreation for the family
  • Respect for other land users’ rights
  • Responsibility for protecting the environment

What goes on at a GMJC Meeting?
Meetings address current and future club activities including trips and social functions. Periodically, guest speakers address the membership about land use issues, vehicle and product information, and community issues.

Club Activities
Four-wheel drive trips (day and overnight) happen on a monthly basis, camping, trail building and maintenance, BBQs, community service projects, annual Show n’ Shine/Swap Meet.

$50.00 per year. New Members receive vehicle safety and maintenance information, trail ratings, club regulations, vehicle decal, and the monthly GMJC Newsletter.

Club Inquiries/Guests
Individuals interested in joining the club may be placed on an “inquiry” mailing list for three months. During this time they may attend meetings and monthly trips as guests of the club. To apply to be a member, click here.

Vehicle Information
Members drive a number of different vehicle types; everything from stock to modified. Trail ratings are provided before each trip. It is recommended that each vehicle have front and rear tow hooks, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and a “CB” radio.

Next Trips
When: April 5 & 6, 2014
Where: Glade Park, Colorado
When: April 26, 2014
Where: Grand Junction, Colorado
Next Meeting
When: April 7, 2014
Where: Fiesta Guadalajara - 7th and North Ave
Time: 6 pm Dinner; 7 pm meeting
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